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People’s internet searches reflect what they do at the cash register, at the ballot box, and in behaviors. Google searches access the motivations behind what people do that are sometimes inaccessible and hidden to traditional market research methods like focus groups, surveys, and social listening tools.

unumAI is helping brands: investigate new markets and strategize, build and renovate their products, persuade audiences more effectively, and measure their brands by researching what people ask the internet. Google data has the advantage of reaching almost 90% of internet users longitudinally, instead of the momentary snapshot in thinking that traditional methods usually capture. Traditional methods’ samples of hundreds or thousands just can’t compare with the millions of searches we access. People also don’t worry that they are being judged by Google when they ask it a question, unlike posting on social media or responding in a focus group. That’s how we predicted 2020 U.S. Senate and House races twice as accurately as misleading, public survey polls. Google data is simply more honest, more abundant, less expensive and better for understanding audiences. unumAI is social listening to the next level.

Internet Search and the Audience Journey

Google’s almost monopoly on internet searches makes it the best data-source for understanding how people think. "Everybody Lies" author and Google Data Scientist Seth Stephens-Davidowitz calls Google search history data, "the greatest data set of human psychology ever created." People may deceive themselves or pollsters in surveys, but nobody lies to Google.

A survey is a one-time, momentary snapshot of an audience’s thinking. Google Searches are a deep, rich, longitudinal dataset. More, more-honest, and more-affordable data on peoples’ thinking, attitudes, and perceptions of brands, movements, and products… with equivalent ability to look between neighborhoods as between countries. Non-respondents or undecided respondents to surveys show earlier inclinations in how they’re researching the internet to decide.

Influential Thinking About Thinking

These books inform our understanding of the audience psychology



The predictive analytics and data that unumAI is able to produce are truly remarkable. The insights they gathered about our business model, target markets, and future market share have become a foundational part of our corporate strategy for 2021 and beyond. Skylar, Bailey, and the team are also delightful to work with and truly feel like our strategic partner. We would recommend them to anyone looking to not only do traditional market research but also looking to gain deeper insights into their business.

Platte River Equity

Sky originally intended this service for political polling… we have test run it at Platte River a couple times on diligence and have been really impressed/pleased with the results.

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