Corporate Solutions

unumAI delivers deep, rich insights when companies look to understand where and how to go to market, and what their customers think of them and their products. unumAI is helping brands:

Explore new markets and strategize
Build and renovate their products
Persuade audiences more effectively
Measure their brands by researching what people ask the internet

Corporate Case Studies

Report Release Date
Short Report on CO Electric Vehicle Adoption – February 2021
unumAI answers questions about how mindset affects EV adoption in Colorado.
February 16, 2021
Search Mirrors Market Shares in Diverse Industries – January 2021
A selection of industry case studies show that Google search is an effective proxy for sales and market share.
January 14, 2021
Presentation for Xcel Energy – January 2021
Identifying geographic trends in winter heating preferences across the states in Xcel Energy’s market.
January 14, 2021